Traditional Persian Saffron Ice Cream

Traditional Persian Saffron Ice Cream


Have you craved a special and delicious dessert? Are you familiar with saffron ice cream? Would you like to know more about this delicious and useful dessert? Join us.

Traditional Iranian ice cream is a saffron ice cream, made with saffron, rose water, and pistachios. Besides, it is called saffron ice cream or “Bastani Sonnati”.

As it is usually sandwiched between two thin wafers, called “Bastani e Nooni”. It has a great taste and you can enjoy it. Undoubtedly, if you try this delicious ice cream once, you will be addicted! DO you know how to make it at home? I will explain it, in this essay.

saffron ice cream history

Let me have a quick review of the history of the saffron ice cream:

It refers to the persian history. When the first people tried to invent a new taste. At an exact look, in 400 BC, the combination of rosewater, saffron, and cream created a delicious dessert, and since it was perhaps accidentally combined with vermicelli, it created a delicious and new taste. Today this delicious combination is known as Faloodeh.

In addition, this combination with saffron ice cream created a very lovely concoction. The combination of vermicelli and lemon juice with the aroma of saffron and ice cream creates a wonderful taste.

saffron ice cream recipe

As an Iranian, the most delicious part of traditional ice cream; the pieces of cream in it are frozen creams that multiply the pleasure of eating ice cream with their special taste. But is it possible to make this delicious ice cream at home? Yes. Here are the recipes for traditional ice cream in a few steps:

The unique flavor of this ice cream refers to milk and dairy, and other specialized ingredients. In this delicious mix; there is also saleb. Do you know what saleb it is? It is a natural binder extracted from an orchid. The old form of serving Iranian ice cream was summarized in two crispy pieces of bread that are served the same way today or in crispy pieces of bread that are designed and baked in the shape of a bowl.

Have you ever experienced eating a sandwich ice cream? All Iranians have a good memory of eating this ice cream from their childhood. Saffron ice cream with a hearty taste and pleasant cold.

What ingredients do you need?

Eggs: 3 pcs

Milk: 4 glasses

Vanilla: One-third teaspoon

Saffron: One-third of a teaspoon

Sugar: One and a half glasses

Rosewater: 1 glass

Saleb: One-half tablespoon of jam

How to prepare saffron ice cream

The recipe for traditional ice cream is not very easy. This is a very specialized job. In this article, we have prepared this recipe for you in a simple way. We hope you enjoy preparing and serving it.

First, pour 4 glasses of milk into a saucepan and put on medium heat to heat.

Beat the eggs in a bowl and stir, add sugar, vanilla, and saleb, mix all ingredients together and add to the milk pot.

Stir the ingredients regularly, when the ingredients boil, add the rose and remove from the flame.

Brew saffron and add it to ice cream ingredients and mix well.

Once the ice cream has cooled, pour it into a container and place in the freezer to freeze.

Take the ice cream out of the freezer every hour, stir it, and put it back in the freezer to let the ice cream stretch.

Finally, put the ice cream in a serving dish and garnish with pistachios.

Additional tips about saffron ice cream:

Saffron ice cream is a dessert – a type of ice cream

The preparation time of raw materials and supplies is about 30 minutes

Saffron ice cream can be served as a snack – dessert.

Note that the amount of raw materials and preparation order is suitable for 4 people.


Information about saffron

Saffron is one of the most popular spices in Iran and has a high price. The saffron plant belongs to the lily family and has purple petals. The orange color of saffron is due to the presence of a substance called crocin, its smell and aroma are due to the presence of safranal and its taste is due to the presence of picrocrocin in it. In addition, there are more than 150 different compounds in saffron.

A few of the properties of saffron

  • Protects the body against many injuries due to the presence of antioxidants and carotenoids.
  • Effective in calming the nerves and forming blood cells due to vitamin B6
  • The properties of happiness and freshness and anti-depressant
  • Help boost memory
  • Helps absorb calcium, metabolism and regulate blood sugar due to its manganese content
  • Helps purify the blood due to iron
  • Helps balance body fluids due to the presence of potassium
  • Help boost sex hormones
  • Enemy of infection due to having vitamin C.
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