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Have you ever been to an Iranian restaurant and liked the taste of their food? Have you paid attention to the special color and aroma of Iranian food? The fragrant and colorful element of these foods as knows as saffron. Saffron grows well in Iran and large quantities of saffron are exported annually from Iran to all over the world.Would you like to buy this fragrant gift? Have you considered the easiest and safest way to choose and buy online saffron ?

Saffron is known as the most valuable food-medicine product due to its importance in Iran’s agricultural economy. Dried plant filaments called Crocus sativus, after the necessary processes, are used to produce saffron, this precious and famous spice. In addition to culinary and food uses, saffron has other special applications in the cosmetics, perfume and cologne industries and the fabric dye production industry.

In this article, we will introduce more saffron and how to buy it safely. Join us.

online Saffron

What is saffron?


When it comes to spices, undoubted, saffron will get the highest level in terms of the colorful and tasteful savor. It’s wonderful to know that saffron is a kind of spices that is derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, and in general, it is known as the “saffron crocus”.

Although there are some arguments on the quality of saffron productions, flavors believe that the best quality of the saffron is cultivated in Iran, in fact, in its origin’s region. Especially, farmlands are located in the North East of the county, Khorasan province, have the best soil condition, and suitable temperature for planting and harvesting the saffron.

Moreover, Greece and Mesopotamia are different areas that persumed as saffron regions. So, this magic spice slowly propagated throughout much of Eurasia and after a while, it was brought to some parts of North Africa, North America, and Oceania.

According to the estimations that recorded in the 21st century, the most portion of saffron productions, about 90%, is produced in Iran. As we know, this colorful savor is the most expensive flavoring in the world.

The flowers of saffron are pale purple and the saffron strings inside are red. About 36,000 saffron flowers are needed to obtain 450 grams of these red strings.

 Moreover, people often look at spices like saffron as food flavoring, but this spice has a lot of special nutrients with many benefits.

One of the properties of saffron is increasing the safety of the body. Saffron contains some vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which is important for human health. We all know that white blood cells are the body’s first line of defense against disease.

Vitamin C or the ascorbic acid in saffron increases the production of white blood cells. By increasing white blood cells, the immune system and immune system are strengthened.


Who is the best online saffron Seller in Australia?


In general, identifying high quality and original saffron is one of the biggest challenges that buyers and consumers always struggle with, because they pay a high price for this magic flavor and want high quality for it. Having enough knowledge and information about the sales criteria of saffron makes you make a more informed choice.

There are several shops in Australia which selling saffron, and if you are looking for a saffron sales center in Australia, you should pay attention to the fact that the center is reputable and has a guarantee for the quality of the saffron it offers you.

Because the value of saffron is not less than gold and it is the right of customers to be comfortable in this matter. Indeed, if you want to save your time, especially, in the Covid-19 condition, the online center is the best fortune.

Our team has provided an online site to sell saffron. Our site is available in the https://saffrongate.com.au/ address. There are a variety of saffron productions in different packages and wages. You can choose one, two and five saffron grams and even further that. After visiting our site you realize that we are the largest online saffron shopping center in Australia that provides the original and cheap saffron for our consumers.

One of the highlight benefits of our saffron is their quality, as we guarantee our productions. After one test, you can find that our saffron is completely natural and pure, without any artificial color, and so on.

Our mission is satisfying our customers, in terms of flavors. Therefore, all types of saffron have noticeable discounts. If you want to know, how can you identify the pure and good equality saffron? Follow this article.

It is interesting to know that saffron strings, whose scientific name is stigma, should all be uniform in red color, should be brittle, and have a strong and fresh saffron aroma. Also, the highest part of these strings is in the form of a horn, and the more this feature is seen in saffron strings, the higher the quality level of that saffron.

 Besides, if you put a string of saffron between your fingers, it should be crushed between your fingers, if this does not happen, be careful, it is likely, the saffron is not fresh and moist, so do not buy it. Don’t forget that original and high-quality saffron does not have any sour or sweet taste. So, if you feel these flavors while tasting it, know that it is not pure saffron.


Online saffron seller in Sydney


Sydney is one of the biggest cities in the world, which attracts many immigrants every year. This vast country has several cultures, people from Asia, especially Iranian have brought a new and popular flavor with themselves. Saffron strings act as a magic wood in all Iranian dishes.

All Oriental restaurants throughout Sydney have been served delicious food using this yellow golden color. Australia is one of the major importers of Iranian saffron. And also, it is amazing to know that saffron is not only a simple spice. It has variety of benefits in terms of our health. Let us explain that.


  • Properties of saffron

 Saffron plant has many health properties. The most important properties of is  the ability to improve respiratory health, optimize the digestive system, relieve pain, improve sleep patterns, reduce bleeding, strengthen heart health, increase blood circulation, prevent diabetes, strengthen bones and improve immune function. And what’s more:


  • Medicinal properties of saffron

Saffron has more than 150 different compounds including carotenoids, crocin, antioxidants and other biochemicals. Saffron also contains minerals and vitamins that are essential for human health.


  • Improvement of the heart functions:

Today, one of the top goals in human health is to improve heart health. A simple and accessible way to protect heart health is to consume potassium-rich substances such as saffron.

Potassium is a vasodilator of the body and prevents high blood pressure and pressure on the arteries. This protects the heart and can help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Online sale of saffron is done in our website. You can buy online saffron with no cost and no time to find an excellent quality of saffron and trustful sales center.

online Saffron


The price of online saffron in Sydney

If you are looking to buy saffron you can buy packaged saffron online. Of course, the price of online saffron in online shops may vary. Besides, there are many saffron sales centers in Sydney. Even, you may find this fragrant flavor in some grocery stores, But in powder shape or in saffron extract shape.

These kinds of saffron shapes are not trustable, because they may be mixed with some essence and food color, too. Therefore, if you want to buy a trustful saffron product, please visit our website. You can find us in the https://saffrongate.com.au/ address.

All our productions have significant discounts. But totally, you may want to know, what are the most important factors on the price of this production? First of all, the quality of saffron, and secondary, the healthier and larger the saffron strings.

Thirdly, the aroma and taste of each saffron are at a different level in terms of quality compared to other kinds of saffron. In general, more color and flavor of saffron spice will increase the saffron price. Of course, there are other items such as the way of packaging, the season of presentation and supply of saffron, currency price fluctuations and also the supplier from which you procure saffron are among the other items that affect the price of saffron in the global market.


Why we should buy online saffron


The above question is an important one. Let us answer that with another question: Can all the online saffron sellers be trustful?

Sydney is one of the biggest and more expensive cities in the world, well, finding a reliable and trusted shop center, is the first step of purchasing a high-qualified saffron package. As we know, many shopping centers may sell fake saffron or mixed different quality saffron at a higher price.

If you want to buy pure saffron, we suggest you buy from our online shopping which is an Iranian saffron shop with brilliant, pure and guaranteed saffron.

After all, save shopping time, safe and easy shopping, the price is right, safe price and save money, save on travel costs, decreasing air pollution, most importantly, in these days, Protecting yourself from Covid-19 disease are some good reasons for purchasing saffron and any human needs online.




If you interested in cooking or thinking about improving your cuisine, despite using healthy and high-qualified ingredients, you should use the fantastic flavor to foods. As we know, saffron is an emperor of color and flavor. Then, every cook will use it in order to make delicious and colorful food.

What ‘s your taste? Do you prefer the golden yellow color dishes? How do you make better you food or illustrate the dining table? Maybe you own a restaurant or hotel and want to sell saffron or maybe you own a grocery store or supermarket and now want to purchase saffron.

A key of success to increase the number of your customers is supplying high quality saffron for them. Definitely, our saffron products will be good fortune for you to attract more consumers and make more profits. Ok, Persian saffron is available on our website. Please don’t waste your time for shopping. Purchase pure and fragrant spice, just as a click on the Internet. All of our saffron packages have been guaranteed.