Saffron rice

Saffron rice

One of the main dishes all over the world is rice. Saffron rice is the best type of cooked rice that is very famous. This food is decorated with colorful spices and saffron aroma and is served with stews or chicken. In this article, we explain how to prepare saffron rice and also explain the different ways of decorating rice with saffron.

Saffron properties

Saffron is an onion plant that is used as a seasoning and food coloring. Saffron has a high nutritional value and therefore has high properties. Of course, keep in mind that many saffron dyes have entered the market today, only a few of which have health licenses, and it is better to use this type of product in cases of limited access to saffron. In general, saffron has the following brilliant properties:

-Protect the brain

Saffron has a beneficial and brilliant effect on the brain. Many studies on cells and animals have shown that saffron strings help improve brain function by the following factors:

-Improving and developing the function of neurons

-The activity of antioxidants that prevent damage to the brain

-Protect the brain against damage

-Prevent cell death in the brain

-Reduces cholesterol and blood lipids.

– Soothing

– Appetizer

– Memory booster

– Prevention of heart disease-It is a great effect of saffron

– Treats eye, skin, bloating, stomach pain, and anemia

– Help digest food

– Anti-depressant

– Prevent the development of eye disease and prevent low vision in adults

– Anticancer

These were just some of the properties of saffron that you can use in making saffron rice.

Drug interactions

No drug interactions for saffron spice have been known to date. You can use it safely.

However, it is recommended that if you take anti-depressant pills, as these pills are responsible for stimulating the brain to produce the hormone serotonin and saffron consumption also increases the production of this hormone, you may develop serotonin syndrome. It is very dangerous; do not neglect after consulting your doctor.


Simply learn how to prepare saffron rice

Having a table with colorful and delicious food can show the taste of the home chef, especially if he has special guests. In such cases, all the chefs try to show their taste to the guests and other members by decorating the rice in addition to giving a beautiful and special shape to their table. Some chefs or ladies use saffron strings to decorate their rice.

Preparing saffron rice is very simple, and the only extra ingredient that is needed is saffron, which you add to the rice when cooking. But before we get into the discussion of how to prepare saffron rice, let’s talk a little about red gold itself and its properties.

But the method of preparing saffron rice:

– Saffron can be used in the preparation of simple pilaf or keteh and the preparation of rinsing rice. The first method is that you intend to cook whole saffron rice.

First, wash the rice with lukewarm water based on a few cups, add salt and stir well, and let the rice stay in the water for 2 to 3 hours. The water level should be 1 to 2 knuckles higher than the rice.

Pour two-thirds of water into another pot and put it on the stove to boil. After boiling, pour the soaked rice into it.

– After about ten minutes when the rice was cooked in good water and the water in the rice had evaporated, in other words, it had little water and the rice was soft, drain it.

– Saffron rice with sliced almonds, barberry, potatoes.

– Make saffron rice in the shape of a heart or various other shapes and place it on the surface of the rice.

Decorate saffron rice

Saffron rice can be used with other materials to decorate the surface of the rice, just have a little creativity and artistic taste. If you do not have an idea, you can get different good ideas from the Internet or cookbooks.

To decorate saffron rice, you can use a mixture of the following ideas:

  • Saffron and barberry rice (of course, you can also use rice mixed with cherries to decorate other parts.)
  • Combine saffron rice with raisins
  • Combining saffron rice with colorful and bell peppers

There are many different and various ideas for decorating saffron rice. You can create any shape you like most on the surface of the rice and use other materials to decorate and decorate the side.

How to prepare saffron rice in a rice cooker

Preparing rice with a rice cooker does not require rinsing, only this time you have used a rice cooker for this purpose. When you pour the soaked rice into the rice cooker and it is partially dehydrated, you can pour some red gold on them before brewing and then brew it. Some people use inhalers at this stage.


Saffron is one of the most expensive plants that is mostly used in cooking and decorating the surface of rice. To use saffron, it is enough to brew it first and then add it to the rice brewing stage, or brew saffron and mix it with oil and mix it with some rice and pour it on the rice surface for decoration.

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