Saffron chicken recipe | Do you like saffron chicken?

saffron chicken recipe

Saffron Chicken recipe Cultivation and harvesting of saffron Saffron is scientifically known as Crocus sativus, which has long been known as a medicinal plant and its extraordinary and unique effects have been used in the treatment of many diseases. But saffron is also one of the most valuable spices that grow in subtropical regions. Fortunately; […]

Saffron rice

Saffron rice

One of the main dishes all over the world is rice. Saffron rice is the best type of cooked rice that is very famous. This food is decorated with colorful spices and saffron aroma and is served with stews or chicken. In this article, we explain how to prepare saffron rice and also explain the […]

DO you know wonderful Saffron Power?

saffron power

In this article, we intend to study the amazing properties of saffron and examine its medicinal and nutritional effects. saffron power can improve your health and make you feel better. saffron is a famous and expensive material that is used for cooking but it also has medical effects. You can visit our site to buy […]

Delicious Chicken Tahchin

Chicken Tahchin

What is Tahchin? Tahchin is one of the many Iranian dishes, which is mostly served in ceremonies and celebrations or special occasions. If I were to translate it to English I would be called “yellow rice cake “which is consists of two parts. A layer of cooked meat, chicken or vegetables which is sandwiched between […]