Saffron chicken recipe | Do you like saffron chicken?

saffron chicken recipe

Saffron Chicken recipe

Cultivation and harvesting of saffron

Saffron is scientifically known as Crocus sativus, which has long been known as a medicinal plant and its extraordinary and unique effects have been used in the treatment of many diseases. But saffron is also one of the most valuable spices that grow in subtropical regions. Fortunately; the origin of saffron is known in Iran and therefore Iranian saffron is very well known and famous. Purple flowers of saffron, which are also among the herbaceous plants, also grow in desert soil, which is why saffron is also called red gold or desert gold.

This plant without stems has onions, each of which produces 6 to 9 slender leaves like the leaves of grass. Saffron bulbs are placed under the soil and have a brown pod. When summer arrives, they have almost no growth and mostly start growing and multiplying at the beginning of the cold season. The saffron product must be carefully collected. This is done by skilled workers and the saffron is carefully cleaned by hand. Saffron is an expensive spice because a large number of saffron flowers must be cleaned to get a little golden saffron strand and be ready to dry.

Therefore, a large volume of saffron flowers eventually produces a small amount of ready-to-use saffron. But high-quality saffron has an excellent aroma and color, its colors very well and the effect of its taste and aroma is left in the food.


Application of saffron in the culinary industry

For a long time, fragrant Iranian rice with saffron color decoration and barberry combination was considered one of the most popular Iranian food along with stews and other foods, and today saffron color and aroma; it has made Iranian food one of the menus of big restaurants around the world. Use of saffron in addition to food decoration; Coloring delicious soups and cakes and cookies.

Since saffron is a natural and high-quality additive, it is pleasing to everyone in any food and seasoning combination or in desserts and jellies that are used. In the culinary industry, in addition to food and desserts, it is also used in the preparation of bread crumbs and chocolate or candy and ice cream. For example, saffron ice cream is one of the most luxurious ice creams in the world. Its pleasant taste depends on the aroma and color of saffron in it.

It is now used not only by restaurants but also by most cake and dessert factories. Moreover; this expensive spice is also used in the production of meat products such as sausages. Industry owners also use saffron in the production of beverages or beverages. In general, the use of saffron as an essential oil and natural dye in industries is increasing day by day. The use of saffron in European and Asian countries has also found its way into the cooking and confectionery industry.

In this article, we will put a delicious recipe for cooking chicken with saffron so that you can enjoy it.

Saffron chicken recipe

The method of preparing chicken for saffron rice is as follows:


  • Chicken (depending on the number, which is at least one)
  • Two chopped onions
  • Chopped garlic in two cloves
  • Salt, pepper, and turmeric as needed

First, pour some oil in a pot and fry the onions with turmeric

Then add the garlic and fry.

When cooking, add salt and pepper.

Then pour the pre-cooked chicken on it for frying (of course, if you do not intend to fry, add these ingredients to the chicken during cooking.)

You can add saffron to it at the end of the end when the rice is ready and after cooking it on a dish, you can brew some saffron and mix it with oil and pour it on the chickens.

And now another saffron chicken recipe:

Cut the chicken into pieces and put a large container or non-stick pan (Teflon or cast iron) on the heat.

Next, place the onion in the bottom of the dish and cover the whole dish

Put the chicken on the onion, add salt, lemon juice, and saffron on the chicken, then put it in a bowl and reduce the heat a lot.

Let it cook with chicken water. When the chickens are cooked and the water is completely collected, we return the chicken to the spoon and put it in the dish again. we hope this saffron chicken recipe would be useful for you.


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